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Since life had cats, we share our home with them.
Many cat owners choose the cat tree to provide the cats a high vantage which they like.
But not to Ms. wong.
She has a stylish but small living room, the old cat tree not only takes up the ground space but also makes her living room look not pretty.
So she asked for help to build a modern cat-friendly home.
With MYZOO’s floating cat shelves, we turn the living room into a cat-friendly home.
One of the biggest pros of floating shelves is Ms. wong can decide the height of the level.
So we customized the cat wall base on Ms. wong’s and her cat’s needs.

Size of Wall: Length 111in x Width 49in
Product: Busycat 5 pcs, Gamma 1 pcs, Lack(M) 2 pcs,
Customization board (11.8in*11.81in) 1 pcs
*The customized service only provided in Taiwan.


Cat: I can't wait to play!

Under construction

Cat:I'm watching you! Speed it up!


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