We all heard a good design makes a difference, but how? 

Is it the gold or the fancy sky-high display? Not exactly our style.

We like to start with something simple, something can be seen daily such as a chair, a table, or maybe just a bookshelf. From there, we give the furniture a bit of our own touch and share that with our furry friend.

The idea is not to create a fancy house, but an environment that may lead to much of fun and laughter with the fur-babies. 

It is our greatest happiness to see our users to fully enjoy the environment that we provided and build all the beautiful memories through our design.

『 Our life has changed entirely ever since we had pets 』

We all know that pets change lives for the better, however they do come with their share of problems such as the occasional mess within the home. The mess may come from all the extra energy our pets have and due to the small living spaces we are accustomed to, the area is just not enough.


Cats in particular require a large area to be active and our products which allow them to easily climb and jump would help their health. Instead of crafting products directly for our cats, we designed them to cater to both the owner and their cat.


Creativity & Quality

Our professional design team have a deep sense of beauty and are abundant in experience. We have a strong emphasis on spatial planning, thus the result of multi-functional products are our specialty.


Within the Wood Series of our creations, we try to highlight the warm accent of spruce, walnut, white ash, etc. We pride ourselves in design and want to share it with the world.

Every piece of our product is made with precision and accuracy, along with series of high level of quality control procedures. We believe that creativity & quality is the key to have the world to see the value about MYZOO.